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Clinical Librarian Service

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What is the Clinical Librarian Service?

This service is designed to bring the Library and Knowledge Service to all staff. 

What can the Clinical Librarian do for me?

No matter what your role, (Consultant, Nurse, Allied Health Professional, Health Care Assistant, Radiologist, Pharmacist, Service Manager, and everyone else besides) this service can help by providing the evidence that you need to support best practice in patient care, service improvement, commissioning, professional development, current awareness and education.

What Services are offered?

The Clinical Librarian can offer a range of different services, tailored to meet your needs. ​

​Pop-Up Library

Can’t get to the Library? Then we will bring the Library to you. Contact us to arrange for the Librarian to come and spend time with your department, team, or ward. While the Librarian is there she can help with searches, carry out training, discuss staff and patient information needs and how best to meet them, help arrange and facilitate journal clubs, assist with research/audit activity, academic study and nurse revalidation.

​​Evidence Searching

We can save you time by finding the relevant, up to date, high quality evidence that you need. Complete an Evidence Search Request form here.


If you want to find out more about the Library and Knowledge resources available to you, and learn how to search them for yourself, then the Clinical Librarian can come at a time and location that is convenient for you and your team and carry out any training that you require. ​

Attend Departmental Meetings/Assist with Projects

The Clinical Librarian can attend your meetings to assess and help with any information requirements that arise. If you your team is working on a project we can help from the start by carrying out Literature Searches and finding the evidence you need to support your decisions.

​Current Awareness

If you want to keep up with recent developments in your area of expertise, then sign up to receive our Knowledge Alert Bulletins. They will keep you informed of new policies, guidelines, health news, research breakthroughs, events and much more. You can choose how often you receive the bulletins - daily/weekly/monthly.



For more information or to discuss how the Clinical Librarian Service can help you, please contact: 

Yvonne Stubbington, Clinical/ Outreach Librarian