Research Development

Setting up research at STHK

Small purple icon of a book with a magnifying glass on top  Setting up Research at STHK


The Research Development & Innovation (RDI) staff at STHK will be able to advise and help you get your research off the ground as quickly and smoothly as possible. In the planning stage it is essential that all the necessary requirements are in place before you submit your project for approval.

The RDI staff will offer advice on the following: 

  • Guidance on the RDI approval process appropriate to your study
  • Gain advice on how to progress your application through sponsorship, Ethics, NHS R&D
  • Obtain the necessary letters, forms and templates endorsed by the Trust for your submission
  • Gain STHK Trust Approval
  • Developing protocols
  • Locating funding stream
  • Costing your project
  • Co-sponsorship Agreements, Site Agreements, Collaborative Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Issuing Letters of Access
  • Accessing Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training

Contacting the RDI Department in the first instance ensures you will have support through the key stages of planning your research. If you have not carried out key steps such as getting correct approvals to carry out your study, you will not be able to proceed. Completed research will not be approved retrospectively.