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Menopause Game

   Menopause Game


Image of the board game


This game offers a safe space for groups to discuss difficult issues about the menopause in a gentle and supportive way. It:

  • raises awareness of the menopause,
  • challenges common myths, and
  • helps women to recognise and manage symptoms

The game can also be played by anyone to raise general understanding of the menopause and reduce stigma around the menopause.

Presenting menopause information in a fun, interactive and non-judgemental way, the game empowers players to share their experiences and their concerns, bringing people together to learn together.


Image - pink background. Top left purple circle with text in pink "2-14 players" Top middle purple circle with text in pink "No specialist facilitator required". Top right purple circle with text in pink "20-60 minutes game play". Below is a purple rectangle with opposite corners rounded. Text in pink "Suitable for all teams in health and social care"


You need to be a member of the library to borrow this game. If you are not already a member please complete the membership form here and then click here to request the game.