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Save time by requesting a literature search to find the evidence you need.

We can find the evidence you need to support your clinical and management decision making.

Complete our online evidence form and a qualified librarian will carry out a comprehensive search of the medical literature and grey literature on your behalf. Or, request an assisted search for a one-to-one session with a librarian, where we will guide and assist you as you carry out the search for yourself.

Why might you want to search for evidence? Below are some examples of evidence searches we have carried out or helped with:

  • Community-based diabetes care strategies – for commissioning
  • Fever management methods in intensive care – for departmental audit
  • Management of burns of the hands and upper extremities – for publication
  • Improving the ACL Outcome clinic – for service development
  • Violence and aggression in the workplace –to keep staff member up to date on recent advice and developments
  • The use of dexmedetomidine in ICU – for development of local guideline
  • Infection control in dentistry – for conference presentation


In this section you will find:

Request an Evidence Search

Complete an online form to request a search from the Library team. Remember to give as much detail as possible. If the search is for study please request an Assisted Search.

Assisted Search

Request an Assisted Search, where a member of the team will work together with you to perform the search, combining your expert knowledge with our skills on searching. You will need your NHS OpenAthens username and password for this session. Please click here to register for an NHS OpenAthens account.

Patient Information Search

Is your patient asking for more information on their condition? Complete our online search form to request a patient information search from the Library Team. 

We will save you time by looking through a range of different patient information resources and emailing you the results for you to pass on to your patient.

How to Perform an Evidence Search 

Information on the theory and skills needed to perform an evidence search. 

Research Support

Critica​l Appraisal - find resources and information on how to critically appraise research articles.

Publishing your Research - advice and information on writing for publication and how to get published.